Third - fifth year elementary students participate in Chorus lead by Alex Krauth. Students study and perform developmentally appropriate music from a variety of styles, countries, and time periods, and learn singing techniques such as breath, tone, diction, and phrasing. Students perform twice a year with a holiday and spring concert, as well as on other occasions when integrated with a service learning project.


Elementary students have seasonal fitness programs which include tennis in the spring and fall, swimming in the late fall and early winter and nature explorations with White Pines Programs or dance in the winter. In addition, yoga, mindfulness, and opportunities for plentiful and daily outdoor play support health and fitness goals.

Forest Friday

Students in the primary program enjoy a full morning’s curriculum out in the Brixham Forest on rotating Friday mornings.


Led by elementary teacher, Michael Stone, all classrooms from the toddler class up through the upper elementary class work and explore in the garden. Often times there is a mixed age group working together to nurture, harvest, prepare and enjoy the fruits of the garden.


All classrooms include Spanish into their cultural studies with weekly circles and activities dedicated to understanding culture, customs and traditions of Spanish-speaking countries, as well as building vocabulary and learning simple phrases for conversation. In the upper elementary program, students work to become more proficient and confident in their Spanish-speaking skills with opportunities to travel to Spanish-speaking restaurants, establishing a pen pal relationship with Spanish-speaking students, and sharing what they learn with the Brixham community by reading aloud in Spanish to younger students, singing, and cooking.


Led by founder of the Bow Street Youth Orchestra, Augusto Salazar, the String program at Brixham is for all elementary students. First year string players choose to play violin, viola or cello and then meet one-on-one with Augusto with their parent if possible. After the first year, students who continue with strings have weekly lessons or work in group ensembles after school to expand their skills. Each spring, a string recital showcases the work of the students.

Studio Art

Students from toddler through 5th year participate in the studio art program, usually working in small groups. Design, form, color are among the curriculum objectives, as well as art appreciation and experiencing the creative art process. Student work is displayed throughout the year in the school hallways, school library, as well as in public venues, such as local art galleries and public libraries.


Third - fifth year elementary students participate in the theater program led by Andrea Ardito. Students learn the foundation and fundamentals of Theater in an accepting, supportive, team-oriented environment. Focus work includes the development of character studies, monologue writing and exploration, improvisation and movement work. The theater program culminates the year with a production open to the public.